Kern/Rockenfield, Inc. opened its doors in 1987 in a modest 2,000 square foot shop in East Williamsburg with a simple goal: to combine craftsmanship and technology to produce superb metalwork. In the years since, Kern/Rockenfield has undertaken a wide variety of projects, ranging from film rigs to sculpture fabrication to architectural design. In recent years we have focused on providing architectural metalwork for high-end interior design in the NYC area.

During our two and a half decades, we have developed a unique ability to collaborate closely with architects and designers. From the first set of drawings to the final punch list, it is our ability to listen to and communicate with design professionals that sets us apart. We draft all of our shop drawings in 3D, providing our clients with a variety of views to fully illustrate the items we are creating. We are proficient at problem-solving during the development phase; difficult and complicated items are where we shine.

We have invested in high quality equipment for cutting, welding, finishing, painting, and CNC milling. Our skills in fabricating, finishing, and installing beautifully handcrafted metalwork are unsurpassed. Our shop now occupies 14,000 square feet in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill. We continue to provide the finest metal craftsmanship while working to ensure that time and budget needs are met. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your upcoming projects.



Phone: 718-230-7878

Fax: 718-230-5652

Mailing Address:
178 Classon Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205 United States